- alessandro olsen

"I’ve worked with Francesco and Andrea at Fusion Box Films for years now and highly recommend them. Fusion Box always builds a talented team for your production and goes the extra mile to make sure your vision is brought to fruition. Extremely happy with their work".

a fantastic duo

- Jill Cecala

"This family owned business differentiates themselves in the production space as they have a positive synergy that is evident on location. Andrea and Francesco have strong client relationships and vision that comes through in the final product."

professional and creative

- Greg vardhami

"Each project has its own challenges and methods during the production phase, but the best filmmakers learn to adapt to these differences. Andrea and Francesco show versatility in their projects and display a level of pre-planning and professionalism that is amongst the best".

true passion for the industry

here's what they're saying after the show

Our post production house specializes in bringing your custom projects to life in a way that captivates your audience.

From editing to color grading, audio mixing to motion graphics and voiceovers, we offer a comprehensive range of services that cater to directors and production companies.

Whether it's a feature film or any other creative endeavor, we seamlessly take your project from the martini shot to final delivery, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience for your viewers.

The best view is always from above. Using high-tech drones and cinema cameras, we'll capture the top-level view of your set, location, or event.

Your finished product can be leveraged to promote a location, product, event, or
narrative film.

In partnership with Lyfted Media, one of the world's premiere aerial cinematography companies, we'll give everyone the best seats in the house with premium aerial cinematography.

Showcase your brand with narrative filmmaking. We’ll help you create a scripted narrative that pulls viewers in and holds their attention from the first frame to the rolling credits.

Whether you're looking for a film to accompany an immersive experience, want a backstory for your
attraction, or envision your product as a star on the big screen at your local cinema, let's create an
unforgettable narrative that motivates viewers to take action.

Video commercials began as simple advertorials back when TVs were new and tiny. Today, video content is the most successful avenue for content and advertising, with an endless surplus of digital, virtual, and social channels for publishing.

Our specialty is in creating a high-quality and compelling visual representation of your brand, service, or message to inspire action from target viewers.

With on-site direction and production and masterful editing and voiceover techniques, you can have confidence that your commercial is designed to make its mark.

Storytelling has been a natural element of the human experience for centuries, though it looks a little more sophisticated in our modern times.

Whether you’re raising awareness on essential topics or sharing your personal history, there is power in documentary filmmaking that creates an undeniable connection.

By blending our creative skills and technical expertise with your unique perspective, we’ll give new life to your story and create something of memorable significance.

filmmaking services



narrative branded content

aerial cinematograhy

post production

our full stack of

Whatever your story, elevate it with premium-quality film production.

No matter what format your project takes; we’ll create a compelling and memorable film that is suitable for screens of any size and audiences of any type.

Maximize Your Impact With Fusion Box Films

  • Created for Headless Horseman haunted Attractions
  • A Fusion Box Films Production

  • Created for Bedouin
  • Post production by fusion box films

  • Created with Seiden Advertising
  • A Fusion Box Films Production

In The Nursery, Mary is startled by a surprise visit from her doctor, who expresses concern about her inability to cease caring for her doll as though it were a real-life child.

After all, dolls aren’t real…are they?

In partnership with Golden Hour Films and notable
music video director Christian Lamb, Fusion Box
Films worked on post production for the music video

This group in their golden years get a new look and a new outlook at their very first photo shoot. This spot was created as a part of RiverSpring Health Plans rebrand. Their goal was to focus on changing the way the public sees seniors.

The Nursery



  • Created for david alan
  • A Fusion Box Films Production

Through his philosophical approach, David Alan elevates the craft of fine jewelry by creating custom pieces that aren't just treasures but cultivate new forms of connection and self expression.

david alan fine jewelry

  • Created for Sony Music
  • post production by Fusion Box Films

Singer and songwriter Joy Crookes takes us along on a personal journey through her daily beauty routine and the positive impact of working with an inclusive cosmetics line.

sony music

  • Winner of Best Documentary at NYWIFT’s Digital Shorts Festival
  • Grant Award Winner from Anthony and Joe Russo
  • A Fusion Box Films Production

From the fields of a sheep farm to Nonna’s kitchen table, Cannoli explores how family and cultural traditions around food keep the connection to our heritage alive.


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Brother and sister duo Francesco and Andrea Cordaro grew up immersed in the arts. Whether it was building model spaceships, sewing period costumes or doing impressions of their grandparents - they discovered at a young age they had a calling for storytelling.

A calling that amplifies brands, elevates film quality and creates a lasting impact on viewers everywhere.

These two adventurous, creative, and highly skilled producers, directors, and filmmakers are eager to create something new with you and give new life to your stories.

From Behind The Camera