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Our mission is simple. To combine timeless storytelling with artistic expression to create compelling films worthy of the big screen.

Where expertise Meets Authentic Artistry

If you’re looking for an original, authentic touch to your film project, welcome to the family.

Together, we’ll elevate the perception of your brand or entity and take viewers on an emotional journey to deliver an inspiring and timeless piece that meets or exceeds your vision.

The Luxury Film Creation Solution For Artisans, Institutions, Organizations, Brands, and Entrepreneurs.

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High-End Production Services

The time has come for you to review your completed project. We will package your assets and deliver your premium-quality custom film created with passion, integrity and desire to see your vision come to life on the big screen.



After we wrap production, we will dive into the editing process and bring life to your custom project in a way that captivates your audience.



This is where our crew comes together to shoot the film. As the lights come up, the camera rolls, and the director calls "Action!", we'll ensure that everything captured elevates and serves the story.



From developing the concept to securing the location, we’ll assess everything we need to bring your story to life before we ever capture a single moment.



Our Approach To Bringing Your Story To The Big Screen

Family-owned and operated, Fusion Box Films was founded by the sibling duo, Andrea and Francesco Cordaro. This pair of inspirational artisans have been in the film industry for over 11 years and have been part of a wide range of content, from documentaries and commercials to big-screen stories and small-world narratives.

The Creative Visionaries Behind Fusion Box Films

For me, making films is an adventure. You get to see behind the curtains and walk in other people's shoes. 

I love pitching ideas to clients and seeing their excitement about a creative direction when they realize what's really possible. I feel so privileged to get to play in this sandbox every day. 


Andrea Cordaro

Since I was young, I have been lucky to surround myself with art of all mediums. Our mother always encouraged us to explore everything in life. At a young age, I realized I could explore anything I wanted to through the lens of filmmaking. 

Filmmaking, storytelling, and expression has become a lifestyle I could never live without. 

WRITER | Producer | DIRECTOR Cinematographer | Editor

Francesco Cordaro

Please enjoy these timeless, custom creations brought to you by Fusion Box Films.

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