Like any other work of art, the identity and abilities of the artist and their level of investment in their craft are nearly as important as the work they produce. Who they are, what experience they bring to the table, and how they navigate the creative process tells you so much about the experience you can expect.

Propelled by the digital film revolution, and inspired by sci fi fantasy and classic 70's cinematic style, our mission at Fusion Box Films is to elevate brands, tell emotional stories, and create compelling films that people genuinely enjoy watching.

Our process is built on authenticity, quality, trust, and old-world customer service. As creative visionaries, we are committed to helping our clients reinvent themselves or their brand while creating deep and meaningful connections with their audience through narrative-driven films.


Andrea discovered her love for storytelling in her high school theater, starring in plays like Rumors and Into the Woods. As a director, she created the pilot episode of Water Is Life for emerging streamer Hudsy. The series explores the cultural legacy of the Hudson River. Her episode The Hudson River School Painters, shows how the work of Thomas Cole impacts contemporary artists. It profiles children's book author and illustrator Hudson Talbott and renowned painter Stephen Hannock.

As a producer working with director Amanda Ladd, she worked on the promotion of the documentary Laddie: The Man Behind the Movies, which tells the story of Alan Ladd Jr, the studio head known for greenlighting Star Wars, through the lens of his daughter Amanda.

As an actress, the late Mario Fratti called her "fiery and talented" in Oggi America for her role in The Firebird. She has performed at Off Broadway’s New York Live Arts Theater, in the award winning comedy “Gay. Porn. Mafia” alongside Tony nominated Lou Liberatore. She has worked with Vox, Funny or Die and appeared in a national commercial for Visiting Angels.

In voice over, Cordaro has lent her voice to characters in video games such as Dorothea in Kiss of War and Cleo in Hidden Expedition: The Price of Paradise. In the booth, she
has hammed it up with Helluva Good Dip for a Super Bowl radio spot, provided narration for the popular youtube channel, The Financial Diet, announced for The Markie Awards and collaborated with brands like, Sealed, and The Brookings Institution.



Francesco discovered his love for filmmaking as a teenager - making films with his friends on a camcorder and working as a projectionist in his local cinema. His first major collaboration would be as the producer of the documentary Aerodrome, Winner of Best Documentary at Newport Beach Film Festival.

As a director he would find more success. In the branded content space, he created a film for the Greenwich International Film Festival with Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford which would be aired on NBC’s The Today Show.

Francesco also spent time in the ad agency world, working for an agency owned by Samsung. There he created many ads for companies like JBL, Ford, Subaru, and Mark Levinson.

As an editor for Sony Music, he worked on branded content for fashion brand Marni starring Future, as well as content for Fenty Beauty with singer Joy Crooks.

He is also an aerial cinematographer with Lyfted Media, and shot the aerials for Adrien Brody’s film Clean, National Geographic's Drain the Oceans, as well as commercials for Kenneth Cole and Cadillac.


Francesco Cordaro

Meet Our Creative Visionaries

Family-Owned - Passionately Operated


In operation for over a decade, Fusion Box Films is run by sibling directors Francesco and Andrea Cordaro.

Together they discovered a knack for creative pursuits at an early age, growing up in New Paltz in New York's Hudson Valley.

Whether it was staging elaborate impersonations of their grandparents, or convincing their teachers to turn all their assignments into films - it was clear to see where Francesco and Andrea would go.

The children of Italian pastry chef Frank Cordaro (La Deliziosa Italian Pastry Shoppe), Andrea and Francesco created the documentary Cannoli, Traditions Around the Table. The project was funded by a grant from another pair of sibling directors - Anthony and Joe Russo, as well as the National Italian American Foundation and the Italian Sons and Daughters of America. It won Best Documentary at NYWIFT’s Shorts Festival, and has become a favorite of Italian American Heritage organizations nationally. The film was a family project that pulled in not only their parents but cousins and aunts and uncles in various roles throughout the making of the film. Even the Nonna at the end of the film is their Great Aunt Maria Venditti.

Their current film, Awake, is a sci fi thriller that explores extraterrestrial mythology and was created in collaboration with one of the world's top haunts, Headless Horseman Haunted Attractions. Farmers, John and Betty, can sense something’s not quite right on their farm. They are disturbed to discover their beloved cow has been mutilated and their crops wrecked again - all while someone (or something) stalks them just out of reach. Called "a wild, chilling ride" by Gruesome Magazine, it is currently screening at film festivals internationally, and thus far has won Best Sci Fi Short at Midwest Weird Fest, the LA Sci Fi Film Festival's Europa Platinum Award for Best Director, and Best Long Short at the Jersey Devil Film Festival.

Awake was also created in conjunction with their horror film The Nursery, which creates an origin story for one of Headless Horseman's Attractions and is screened on-site for their audiences.

Their mother, Maria Cordaro, can often be found on their sets running the craft service table. There you'll discover a memorable lunch filled with embarrassing childhood stories.

Please enjoy these timeless, custom creations brought to you by Fusion Box Films.

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